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Filigree is the art of creating intricate jewellery pieces using precious metal threads such as silver and gold. The art of filigree can be traced back to ancient Egypt and can be found throughout the Mediterranean and Asia. The first pieces of Filigree were said to be found in the Egyptian Pyramids dating back to some 5000 years B.C.
More than most other types of jewellery, filigree is valued more for the artisan’s skill than the actual material used. The more intricate and ornate the design, the more valuable the object.

Filigree may well be a very old skill, however, in time, it has evolved and nowadays, one can find some exceptional pieces which range from more traditional to very modern designs. We invite you to browse through this website to be able to witness this for yourselves.

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The Process

How filigree is made

The process of filigree starts by melting silver or gold granules in a high temperature. Upon melting, the metal is poured in moulds which produce ingots after cooling. The ingots are then pressed and stretched for several times thus producing wires of different thicknesses. The thicker wires are used to shape the outer frame of the design being crafted. Filling the outer skeleton involves a very intricate procedure: Two very fine threads are wound together in a shape of a rope after which they are flattened and heated. These are then cut out into small pieces. The small pieces are then hand-wound to produce circular shapes which are later placed within the outer frame and soldered together.

The semi-finished product is then dipped in special chemicals to eliminate the black oxidisation and eventually dryed. The final stage is a polishing procedure. This is done by putting the objects into a rumbling machine in which they are left for several hours thus polishing the product.